Syllabus (.pdf)

Homework #5: due May 8

  1. IPCC AR5, Chapter 12, Box 12.1 (.pdf)
    • read Box 12.1 of the IPCC AR5 report and be ready to discuss in lecture

Homework #4: due May 6

  1. Homework 3 (.pdf)
  2. Data sets for Homework 4, problem 3

Homework #3: due Apr. 8

  1. Homework 3 (.pdf)

Homework #2: due Mar. 14

  1. Homework 2 (.pdf)
  2. Data sets for Homework 2
    • ENSO index Nino 3.4 (.csv): sea surface temperature anomalies in the eastern equatorial Pacific (5 North-5 South)(170-120 West). The first element is January 1958; the last is December 2008. Obtained from Todd Mitchell at JISAO/UW.
    • Gridded surface temperature data (.csv): global gridded surface temperature data from Brohan et al. JGR 2006 (also used in IPCC FAR). The data are monthly-means gridded on a 5x5 degree mesh. The first row is January 1958; the last row is December 2008.
    • Latitude-longitude vector (.csv): vector of latitude and longitude for the surface temperature data.

Reading Assignment: due Feb. 20

Please read Nuzzo (2014) and Goodman (2001). They are both incredibly short papers on the misuse of p-values in the sciences and offer some interesting perspectives.

Homework #1: due Feb. 13

  1. Homework 1 (.pdf)
  2. LaTeX file used to make Homework 1 (.tex)
  3. Data sets for Homework 1

Homework #0

  1. Read the syllabus and ask questions if something is unclear
  2. Download Dennis Hartmann's notes to your computer (link to notes)
  3. Bring potential dates for rescheduling the classes on Feb. 4 and 6 to next lecture
  4. Let me know if there are specific topics you hope to cover in this course