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Course Focus

The course provides an overview of the statistical methods used to interpret data sets in the atmospheric and oceanic sciences. This is a tools class: the objective is to provide a working knowledge of the statistical tools most commonly used in the literature. However, additional time will be spent on how to professionally and objectively present and review scientific results.
example graphic

example graphic

example graphic
(top) p-values and confidence intervals of normally distributed data (middle) North Atlantic Oscillation pattern and PC time series obtained from EOF anlaysis (bottom) frequency-wavenumber power spectra of brightness temperature (Fig. 1a of Kiladis et al. (2009); Rev. Geophys.)


M W F 9:00-9:50 AM ATS 101

General Topics Covered

  • Basic statistics
  • Monte Carlo techniques
  • Regression methods
  • Matrix methods: EOF, SVD, MCA and CCA
  • Power spectra of time series
  • Filtering of time series